Gavin Rajah

Room 13 is proud to have been associated with fashion designer Gavin Rajah, one of South Africa’s most visionary designers for over a decade.

The invitation design for each event was required to reflect his vision and inspiration for the season. Invitations are often laced with intricate die-lines, foils, metallic inks, varnishes and vivid colours to create a feeling of mystery and magic. Its purpose is simple: to lure South Africa’s high-profile socialites, press and dedicated fans to his spectacular, larger-than-life productions the world over.


Cape Royale Summer Soiree 2009
Paris Planet Fashion 2008
protocole d'Elégance 2007/08
nuances de lumiére 2007
gris gris 2007
rajah / stewart collaboration
positive campaign 2006
objet de desir 2005
designer collections 2004