The Van Reenen sisters, Michelle and Nina, are making waves by securing celebrity clientele for their unique design company, Room 13 Design.

The sisters started Room 13 six years ago when they both realized that working for someone else wasn’t their forte. “We’ve been in complete creative sync from a young age. We started our company in our mother’s guesthouse and settled into an unoccupied kitchen between Rooms 12 and 14. Hence our decision to call ourselves Room 13 – traditionally a number that’s skipped for superstitious reasons, but we felt a cheeky desire to do things a little differently!” says Michelle. Setting up your own company can be very daunting, the sisters say, but ultimately, freeing and exciting. “Initially, we wanted the freedom of our own business, but it has far surpassed our expectations. A small business is like a child that needs a lot of love and nurturing, but we’ve come to realize that we can do almost anything we put our minds to. We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with talented people from all creative backgrounds and worked with some amazing designers – the rewards have been plentiful.”

Room 13 does all the design work for the Grand Daddy Group,including the Grand Daddy Hotel and the Pink Flamingo outdoor cinema in Cape Town, and the new Old Mac Daddy trailer park hotel in Elgin. Their innovative work for Grand Daddy was a finalist entry in last year’s coveted Loerie Awards.

The pair are very excited about their future endeavors, which include working on a Room 13 product/interior range that will be launched this year.