Lior Chen – Group Marketing Officer at Prime Residential

“Rebranding our company was an exciting yet daunting challenge. We found Room 13’s approach to be collaborative and enthused, and we believe that ultimately our creative synergy resulted in the best possible outcome for the business.”

Gavin Rajah – Fashion Designer

“It is very rare that one can celebrate a relationship with a group of uber talented individuals that span over a decade. More importantly maintaining that relationship that has constantly evolved to produce amazing work is the most rarest pleasure of all. Working with ROOM 13 has ensured that we are firmly entrenched as a directional and innovative brand in fashion and our event business. The meticulous attention to detail, abundant project research and reliable delivery has made them my singular choice when it comes to design. Their work for us has graced the fashion weeks of New York to Paris and made it on to glorious silks that adorn models on a catwalk right down to events around the world. If you looking for the ordinary you will find it everywhere but if you looking for the extraordinary then you will find it at ROOM 13.”

Annebelle Schreuders – Spier Marketing Director

“ROOM 13 have been producing beautiful design and advertising for Spier for over 9 years. It’s very rewarding to work with a group of designers who are open to collaborating and taking creative ideas to the next level. They have real integrity as designers, yet still always make you feel like they are bending over backwards to meet your business needs. I love visiting their relaxed yet professional offices.”

Lindsy Marais – Ellerman House Sales and Marketing Manager

“ROOM 13 Design is like my cup of coffee in the morning – I cannot live without them! I love their design style and their service is outstanding! They never shy away from a challenge!”

Nikki Schwager Wilsworth – “Eventioneer” (Intrigue Agency)

“It goes without saying…

ROOM 13 hits the nail on the head in understanding a brief and their research and presentation of a concept and attention to detail in design, is unparalleled.

Coupled with excellent execution and a sense of humour, we are delighted to have worked with ROOM 13 on our Champagne Laquay label and they will always be our agency of choice.”

John McKenzie Johnson – Ridiculous State of Affairs

“The ability to deliver and exceed client’s expectations in a perpetually changing environment, characterized by more and more technological advancements in creativity is rare. ROOM 13 listened to what we wanted, added the human to the concept, and delivered the goods.”

Brigitte Roediger – Spier Brand Manager

“Thank you ROOM 13 for making my day super fabulous. When I received the estate maps – I was so happy with the finished product that I immediately started jumping up and down, which immediately caused my colleagues to be curious. They too loved it and each took a copy for their desks. Later that day all the deliveries for the harvest festival arrived at my desk which only cause more jumping (luckily I sit on the bottom floor)! The finishing touches, quality and material it was printed on was unique and so fitting to Spier that we could not have asked for it to be better. Well done, so proud and I am just excited for the upcoming projects.”

Natasha Forbay – Antalis Paper South Africa

“I would just like to say…ONE MORE TIME!!!… how absolutely BEAUTIFUL Robert (Gumede) & Portia’s wedding invite is. Nina truly did justice to Antalis paper and if Nina & ROOM 13 don’t get recognized for such brilliant work… then I will eat my hat…”

Sascha Polkey – Rabbit in a Hat Communications

“Just so you know Jody (Aufrichtig) said – ” thats the best &*^#@# brochure I’ve ever seen!”

Jenny Howard – Founder Chez Gourmet

“Dear Nina, It’s 3 years ago this week that Chez Gourmet moved into our premises and began trading! I ‘d just like to thank you for all the work you did on branding and shaping our corporate image for us. I hope you have had lots of business as a result, because we are complimented all the time, and haven’t hesitated to pass on your details far and wide. Our business has been blessed indeed, and we are off to start holiday cooking courses in France in the next few weeks, in a new initiative!”

Therese Botha – Icon Villas

Ek wil van die geleentheid gebruik maak om julle te bedank omdat julle absoluut professioneel, getrou, skerp en baie kreatief was. Ek is buitengewoon tevrede met julle werk en design en ek wil hê julle moet weet dat ek – as pryse en eksterne dinge dit sal toelaat – graag met julle ‘n pad sal wil stap. Well done. Ek dink julle KAN MAAR.”